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About air conditioning electric heater

Although the application of air-conditioning electric heater in life is also relatively wide, some people don’t know very well for the function of air conditioning electric heaters. Let’s take a look at the understanding of air conditioning electric heaters: 123] 1, PTC is a semiconductor heating ceramic, and when the external temperature is lowered, the resistance value of the PTC is reduced, and the heat generation will increase. According to this principle, best space heater air conditioning of PTC electric heater technology can be automatically changed according to the change in indoor temperature and the size of the indoor sail, thereby just adjusting the temperature in the room, achieving rapid heating purposes. In general, cold weather will affect the normally playing of air-conditioned thermal function, and air conditioning with electric heater function, due to the adjustment and role of the electric heater to air conditioner, it is well overcome this shortcoming. More applicable in cold weather and some cold areas. 2, air conditioning generally depends on the power of the compressor, the basic principle is the same, and the basic principle is the same. It can achieve the cooling effect in the summer air conditioner, but in winter, the temperature is usually rising. Ten, this time is difficult to achieve the ideal effect, this time it needs electric heating, which is the need to achieve an ideal effect. The above is about the understanding of the air-conditioning electric heater, hoping to help everyone.